Quilting Services

Custom Quilts can provide a wide range of quilting options, from stitch in the ditch, to pantographs, to customized quilting. Cost covers quilting only. Batting or additional fabric is purchased separately.

Quilting Prices

Baby60" x 46"$25.00
Throw60" x 60"$40.00
Twin72" x 93"$50.00
Queen93" x 108"$70.00
King122" x 122"$90.00
Four week rush fee+$40.00

Bring in your quilt top for a personal meeting with one of our quilters; each quilt is a coordination and we want to make sure you’re happy! Special designs that take special consideration may be subject to additional fees.

Any quilt needing to be done in less than four weeks is subject to a rush fee of $40.00

Custom Quilts carries a full line of Quilter’s Dream Batting including different weights in cottons and needle punched polyester. If you’re not sure what you want, just ask! We’ll show you some samples and guide you in the right direction. We also carry a 5oz polyester high loft batting for those of you who would like the comforter, puffy look.

Guidelines for bringing in or mailing your tops
Make sure the backing and batting are at least 4 to 6 inches larger than the front. Remember that your quilt top will grow a little when it is put on the machine and some tension is added. Better too big than too small! If you do not have a backing, fabric can be picked out at the store.

Make sure your top is well ironed. It doesn’t have to be super starched but a good pressing will ensure the quilting looks good. When it is put on the frame, little wrinkles will pull out but not heavy wrinkles. Make sure it is clean and remove as many of the threads as possible for best presentation.

Hand Bindings

All other sizes$40.00

In a traditional hand binding, the binding is sewn to the front of the quilt, wrapped around, and hand sewn on the back. No sewing is visible on the finished product.

Machine Bindings

All sizes$25.00

A machine binding uses pre-rolled binding; it gets sewn on the back, wrapped around to the front, and is machine sewn. This leaves seams visible on both the front and back, and gives a package binding look.

These prices do not include fabric, which may be purchased at the store. We have a large selection of fabrics and bindings.